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Surfing & Boogie Boarding

a person riding a wave on a surfboard in the water


Maui offers some of Hawaii’s best surfing without the crowds of popular mainland surf breaks. If you have never tried Surfing, Lessons are a must! There are many ways to surf; Bodysurfing, Boogie boarding, Longboard surfing, shortboard surfing, canoe surfing, wave-ski surfing, Stand-up paddle surfing and Tow-in surfing. On Maui one favorite local pastime is to hang out with your friends while surfing the beautiful, clean breaks… We highly recommend surfing or a boogie boarding for those light wind mornings and occasional windless days. Maui offers countless good surfing spots all around the island. Maui’s surf breaks includes world famous Jaws, where the waves can reach a gigantic 50-60 feet, Even more amazing is that they are ridden by a handful of professional surfers that are towed into the wave with jet-skis, so that they can match the speed of these huge rolling monsters. This is a great event to be a spectator at, but it only happens on a few very special days a year, when the waves are just right. For the rest of us there are more manageable waves (under 10 foot) at some popular locations. Call us for all levels of Surfing lessons. Or go to to our Surfing Lessons Page

Surfing on Maui

Aloha, MauiFun

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