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Standup Paddle Surfing

a young man riding a wave on a surfboard in the ocean


Standup paddle Surfing or SUP, is the newest style of surfing. Born in Hawaii, This sport has taken off around the world. The appeal of stand-up is its relative easiness. you don’t have to be super fit. Get a lesson from a good school, they provide the special oversized surfboards and you will be gliding along in no time. You use a long shaft paddle to paddle with, go fast or just cruise and watch the water. It calm water it is like snorkeling standing up. as you get your balance you can try to catch some small waves at the edge of the reef. Much easier than regular surfing. Many people are taking to Standup for the fun and exercise, and almost anyone can do it, young or old. This is a great activity the the family can do together.

Standup paddle Surfing on Maui

For Standup paddlesurfing Lessons, go to our SUP Lessons Page


Aloha, MauiFun

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