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Beaches on Maui

Maui has 120 miles of coastline and 30 miles of beaches. There are a wide variety of beaches suitable to a range of activities. The following information is a general guide to some of the most popular and exciting beaches. Always follow the directives of the lifeguards, heed posted signs, and use common sense. Many of Maui’s beaches are far away from civilization, and quite isolated from emergency services should you get into trouble. Have fun exploring but keep in mind that beach conditions change daily. It is always a good idea to check the weather conditions and surf reports before going to the beach. NORTH SHORE BEACHES CENTRAL MAUI BEACHES EAST MAUI BEACHES SOUTH SHORE BEACHES WESTSIDE BEACHES “UPPER” WESTSIDE BEACHES   NORTH SHORE BEACHES (From West to east) Kahului – Haiku  Camp One: at the end of the Kauhului Airport from…

Try some Local Foods

Try some Local Foods ¬†Drink a glass of fresh guava juice or try a P.O.G. (passion fruit, orange, guava) juice, Eat some fresh pineapple, Papaya. Try a Spam Musubi, Manapua (pork bun),¬† some POI (taro paste), Pork Lau-lau (shredded pork cooked in a taro leaf). There are many great places to get local food….

Surfing & Boogie Boarding

SURFING & BOOGIE BOARDING Maui offers some of Hawaii’s best surfing without the crowds of popular mainland surf breaks. If you have never tried Surfing, Lessons are a must! There are many ways to surf; Bodysurfing, Boogie boarding, Longboard surfing, shortboard surfing, canoe surfing, wave-ski surfing, Stand-up paddle surfing and Tow-in surfing. On Maui one…