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Surf Speak – Surfer’s Terminology

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Surf Speak – Surfer’s terminology

Surf Turtle

Hi Surfers, here is a short list of surfing terms. 
Now you can learn to speak like a surfer 

(and get a clue what they are talking about).

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Aerial To make your board fly in the air (and land)
Back door To ride into the wave section from behind
Backhand To ride with your back to the wave
Barrel The tube part of the wave
Bottom turn The turn at the bottom of the wave face
Chop A small steep wave (bad)
Cut back To turn back toward the wave section
Ding A hole in your board
Dismount An intentional wipeout
Drop in 1) To enter/begin the wave,  2) to start on someone else’s wave (bad)
Face The clean open part of the wave
Fronthand To ride with your front to the wave
Glassy Smooth water with no wind ripples
Gnarly Radical, dangerous, extreme (no one says this much anymore)
Goofy To ride with your right foot forward
Green room Being inside the barrel
Grom A young surfer
Gun A fast narrow board for catching big waves
Malibu Another name for a longboard
Leg rope A board leash
Longboard A long surfboard
Natural To ride with your left foot forward
Nose The front of the board
Off the lip To turn your board “off the lip” of the wave
Overhead A wave taller than you are
Peak The highest part of the wave
Plank A longboard
Rail The sides of the board
Regular To ride with your left foot forward
Rocker The curve on the bottom of the board
Shoulder The sides of the wave, when looking face on
Skeg A fin, especially a single fin on a longboard
Sponger A bodyboarder
Stick A surfboard
Stoke The enjoyment of surfing
Swell The young wave before it starts to break
Tail The back of the board
Take Off To start riding a wave
Thruster A type of Three fin arrangement
Tube The barreling part of the wave
Woody An old school surf wagon with wood sides
Wipeout A big crash when surfing

Aloha, MauiFun 

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