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Snorkel Gear

a person swimming in a pool of water

Snorkel Gear                                                                                                      

Snorkeling on Maui is fun and everyone should try it. Please note that snorkeling is a swimming sport so you will need to be able to swim. Snorkeling lessons are available. Most strong swimmers can teach themselves in calm shallow water or in a pool. We provide rental snorkel gear. Our shop staff are happy to help you find a good fit mask and fins. If you wear contact lenses OK, prescription masks are needed if you need glasses. We can arrange these for you, with some advanced notice. Do not snorkel too far from shore, and always snorkel with a buddy. We recommend staying at the well known sites, and only go during daylight hours, Avoid sunrise and sunset. As visibility is low and dangers increase.

Do not let kids snorkel unsupervised, even in the pool. Please check out our Coral Reef Etiquette page and do not touch the coral, or ride the turtles. Respect the ocean and enjoy it. Call or drop in for snorkel equipment 7 days a week. At our Kihei Location.


For more information about snorkeling on Maui please visit our Tips for Snorkeling on Maui page.

Aloha, MauiFun 

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