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Massage and Spa treatments

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Lomi-lomi Hawaiian massage & Spa Treatments
One of the best massages you will ever have. Hawaiian style massage is a deep tissue massage. It is great for athletes and for relaxation, If you want soft, ask for it. or you will be in for a tough time. Hawaiian massage has a spiritual side that can be incorporated into holistic healing, and can increase your mana (life force). Another Hawaiian style that is great for relaxation is the Pohaku (hot rock) massage. When it comes to massage it makes a big difference to spend a few dollars more to get an experienced masseuse. Blue Bamboo in Wailuku offers a discounted massage matinee. And the “Spa Grande” and the Grand Wailea Hotel in Wailea has one of the the best spas in the US. It has a 50,000 square feet, including terme, hydrotherapy,  mud baths, salt rubs, seaweed wraps and all.

Aloha, MauiFun 

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