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Food Carts

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Food Trucks
Food Carts have recently gained popularity in Maui. There are some seafood & shrimp carts at the Kahului Harbor, and Several Carts like the Taco trucks, you can find on the way to big beach. The one we recommend worth checking is the Kinaole truck parked near Kam 1 beach, in Kihei. They do a great plate of Coconut Shrimp. Horhitos Taco Truck at the Kihei Market Place, has the best prices on the island. A variety of items from fish, steak, chicken tacos, burritos, and quesadillas, “Threes bar and grill” food truck, also located at the Kihei Market Place, has seared ahi wraps, panko crusted chicken, award winning coconut shrimp, and bacon wrapped hot dogs. Kihei market Place is located opposite Kalama park in Kihei.

There are also food trucks stationed across from Costco Gas right behind the airport.  There is usually a variety of trucks to choose from, but not always depending on weather and other events happening on the island. 

When we visited we saw Slightly Salty, which offers shrimp plates, pastas, pork and chicken plates. Plates cost $10-$12.00 per plate.

There is the Like Poke? food cart with a variety of Poke items, fried poke, poke fries, fish sandwiches, and other items, around $12.00 per plate. 

A little taco cart was there but not open, but they had great prices – 3 tacos for $5.00, burritos, ceviche, and nachos. Great prices $5.00-$8.00 

Maui Made drinks has freshly made lemonade specialty drinks, coffees, and sparkling drinks, with all different combos from watermelon, ginger, peach, mint, lychee and others! Drinks start at $4.50 and up and they also sell souvenir glass mason jars. The lady working at the lemonade stand is really nice. There are several tables to eat at. 


Maui Made Lemonade Stand at the Kahului Food Truck court across from Costco Gas 




 Horhitos Taco stand in Kihei, across from Kalama Beach Park, friendly staff, great prices and great food!! 

Aloha, MauiFun 

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