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Choose a Beach Sport

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surfingSurfing for everyone:

Surfing is catching waves and riding on a surfboard, you don’t need big waves when learning. In Hawaii we prefer to use the longboard, which is stable and easy to stand on. In our beginner surfing lessons we show you how to catch the waves and ride the waves, they will show you what to do when you are in the ocean. so you can have fun and stay safe. Lessons really make all the difference when learning to surf.  We have some of the best beginner waves on the island and we can usually find surf 365 days a year. Maui has many different surf breaks, that range from the very easy all the way up to the biggest surfing wave in the world.

paddlesurfingSUP paddlesurfing is lots of fun:

Standup paddlesurfing is standing on a big surfboard with a long paddle. Standup paddle boarding or SUP is lots of fun, and easy to learn. You can go standup on the flat water and cruise around, or you can try to SUP in the waves if you are a little more adventurous. We have standup lessons everyday, and we have great conditions on the south shore, we have more advanced tours and clinics too. We love SUPPING in the mornings when the wind is light, and in the afternoons sometimes too. We have lessons for kids, adults beginner lessons and advanced SUP lessons too.

windsurfingWindsurfing is fun for the whole family:

Windsurfing is standing on a board while holding the sail, and is the fastest and easiest form of sailing. Windsurfing on Maui is great because we have warm water and steady winds. We can WINDSURF all year long. we have lessons for windsurfing 6 days a week, on the North shore and sometimes in Kihei too. There are summer camps for kids as young as 4 and lessons for grown ups too. We have all the gear for you, to make your lesson fun and easy. We have windsurf school course where you can book a five day or even a ten day course. Our friendly instructors are happy to show you everything you need to know. No experience is required.

Ksurfclubmaui-turtlekitesurfingitesurfing for the adventurous:

Kitesurfing is like wind-powered wakeboarding, and has the thrill of getting pulled along by a kite while standing on a small board is exhilarating. This sport is a little more technical than wakeboarding because you are in control of the kite. Kiting is fun to learn especially if you have some time available. Usually 3-5 days of lessons are recommended as a minimum to learn this sport. Single day try kitesurfing lessons are great if you just want to check out the sport. Maui is actually the best place to learn kitesurfing, and the sport was largely developed here over the last 15-20 years. Most kitesurfing happens on the North shore, but you will see expert kitesurfers at different places around the island at different times. Kitesurfing lessons are also availability as a family group lesson. Summer is the peak time with the most windy days for kitesurfing. There are some age and health restrictions so please ask when inquiring about lessons. We only use recommend the best school on the island, because this sport is all about safety and getting the right gear. Being a confident swimmer is essential, but no experienced is required.   

Kayaking for fun:

Kayaking on the ocean can be a fun, experience, tour the inshore reefs, enjoy the sun and a leisurely paddle along the coast. keep your eyes peeled for turtles and other creatures, maybe even see some whaleskayak (in season Dec 15 to May 15). We have Single kayaks and Double kayaks. these are Sit-on-top design kayaks. Paddles and life-jackets are supplied. Kayaks come with padded seats and back rests. Kayaking is best in the early mornings, and at other times when the wind is light. Kayaks are available to take away, but please check with us before venturing out to any unknown beaches. We do not recommend kayaking in offshore winds or too far from shore. Please note that these are not “surfing” kayaks, and are not recommended for catching waves, so please stay out of surfing areas. Being a confident swimmer is essential, but no previous experienced is required.   

Body Boarding for Kids:

bodyboardBody boards are fun for pools and playing in small waves at swimming beaches. Kids (and adults) can have fun catching small waves, at many of the south shore swimming beaches. We do not recommend body boarding at the main Surfing spots unless you have a lot of experience body boarding. We have different sized body boards and fins are available too. Body boards come with a wrist leash. Body boards are not lifesaving devices, and swimming ability is essential.

Snorkeling for the family:

snorkelSnorkeling on Maui is fun with many great spots close to shore and easily accessible. Snorkeling areas include calm water areas close to the resorts on the south and west shores. Ask for specific location recommendations. Do not snorkel in waves, or among surfers. Swimming ability s essential. Snorkel gear is available in child to adult sizes. Children should be supervised at all times when using snorkel gear. Snorkeling is a great way to explore Maui’s underwater world and see some underwater marine life. *Look but don’t touch: marine creatures are delicate and do not want to be touched, this includes turtles, shells an corals. *Swimming ability is essential.

Sunbathing for Everyone:

Sunbathing and sunbathingplaying at the beach is one of the best things to do on Maui. make sure that you have sun protection, and all your gear, beach towel, beach chairs, umbrella (not advised when windy). There are some great beaches for sunbathing, some are quiet and some are crowded. Ask our friendly staff for some tips and advice on where to find the best type of beach for you. Children should be supervised at all times at the beach. And beware of setting up too close to the water as the waves sometimes come up and grab your stuff. Do not take anything valuable to the beach, so that you can relax without any worries. It is also great to take along a cooler packed with drinks so that you can stay hydrated and stay at the beach longer. Remember that the sun is always strong, and you don’t have to try too hard to get a tan. Even 15 minutes per day with sunblock, will still get you a tan, but if you get too much sun your skin will burn and hurt anyway.



Aloha, MauiFun 

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