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responsible tourism

Responsible Tourism

We protect what we love, and we love Maui. We all want to help to minimize the impacts of tourism and reduce over-tourism. Our company strives to encourage only the best sustainable activities that do no harm to the environment and culture of the island. Most of our activities are eco-friendly, non-polluting, and totally renewable. We encourage that the “motorised sports” and activities like “whale-watch boat tours” be used sparingly, and our guests are encouraged to participate in culturally-sensitive activities. Our impacts may be unseen, or they might even be felt by future generations of locals living on Maui.   Here are some tips to reduce your footprint and impacts when visiting Maui. OHANA: Enjoy time with your family, enjoy your hotel, and resort amenities. FREE STUFF: Watch sunsets, and play together. Simple things are often the most remembered. Learn…