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Quicksilver Luxury Powercat to Molokini

Maui’s #1 Molokini Snorkeling Adventure The Quicksilver is Maui’s newest high-speed, double-decker catamaran with plenty of comfortable seating for its passengers. The Quicksilver operates from Maalaea Harbor and offers a Molokini snorkel trip, dinner cruises and whale watches in season. The Deluxe Am Molokini Snorkel trip includes a stop at Maui’s #1 snorkeling destination Molokini Crater, and also a stop at Turtle Town. Molokini is a Hawaii state marine life conservation district and bird sanctuary. Located 3 miles off the South shore of Kihei, rising out of 300 feet of water, Molokini is home to many different types of marine life. Tropical fish and animals like the Moorish Idol, Humuhumunukunukuapuaa, Rainbow Wrass, octopus, harmless reef sharks and beautiful coral formations make their home within this sheltered volcanic caldera. Crystal clear water, tropical birds, endemic marine life and this secluded environment…