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Swim with a Turtle

a turtle swimming under water

Turtles are called “Honu” in Hawaiian, and they frequent in our near shore waters. For an up close encounter with a Honu you can rent snorkel gear and go “turtle seeking”. We have many places where turtle sightings are guaranteed. Turtles are protected so you cannot touch them, but you can get quite close and appreciate them. Turtles are harmless unless they are cornered, and then they could deliver a defensive bite. Sometimes turtles “haul out” onto land to take a rest (or to avoid predators). so if you see one on the beach, let it rest. We have snorkel gear to rent at our Kihei Location. For more info about Snorkeling on Maui, go to our Snorkel Tips page.

Aloha, MauiFun

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