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Rent a Kayak

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Rent a Kayak
The easiest way to access the reef and near-shore waters is to rent a kayak. Minimal skill required, but some “ocean sense” is essential. We only recommend kayaking in the early mornings and staying inside the reef. Then you can take a short tour up and down along the coast and enjoy the tranquility of the ocean, and maybe even spot a whale (Official whale season is December 15 to May 15). We do not recommend kayaking in waves, because of the shallow coral reef (better to leave that to the experts). We have Single and Double kayaks are available to rent at our Kihei location, or you can even take them with you. When kayaking we recommend life-jacket, a leash to the paddle, and a waterproof pouch to carry a phone, this is essential safety equipment. For inexperienced kayakers we have tours and guides available to accompany you.

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