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Luaus & Hula Shows

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Luaus & Hula Shows
Hula is the traditional dance of Hawaii. In a society with no written language, story telling, chanting and hula were used to convey traditional stories and legends. The traditional Hula is called kuhiko. There is also a more modern version of hula that is more widely know in the western world. Traditional Hula Dancing is a very serious cultural practice in Hawaii, and takes years to master. Hula Halau (hula schools) compete in the Merry monarch festival every year.  Professional hula dancers have usually studied for most of their lifetimes.  One way to see some hula is to attend a luau which is a dinner and hula show. Most luaus will showcase several varieties of hula to give the patrons a sampling of the different islands styles., for example, Hawaiian, Tahitian, Tongan and Maori. Our favorites include the “Old Lahaina Luau”, and the “Feast of Lele”.

Aloha, MauiFun 

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