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Learn to Windsurf

a young boy holding a kite while standing in the water

Beginner Windsurfing Lessons

In this 2.5 hour class, you will learn basic windsurfing. Learn to sail across the water turn around and sail back to the beach. We start with a short land lesson and then get you into the water to learn the basics. Our super stable windsurfing boards make all the difference.  When learning to windsurf you will appreciate calmer conditions so we prefer to go in the mornings. Beginner windsurfing lessons usually start at 9am. All equipment included. 2.5hrs/day 9am-11:30am Monday thru Saturday. When learning we use big floaty boards that are very stable and easy to use. We have a range of Sails to use, to suit different size sailors. Our locally designed windsurfing sails are lightweight and very user friendly.

Learning to Windsurf - Beginner windsurfing lessons

Call us to make a reservation 1 (808) 280-7060

Aloha, MauiFun

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