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Hiking on Maui

a man standing on a rock

 Maui’s great wilderness areas with varying scenery is ideal for hiking. There are national and state run parks with camp sites and cabins for overnight accommodation. Most park areas offer a variety of marked trails for different levels of hiker. Be sure you know the estimated duration of your trail before setting out. Some trails go for days. You can go up to the crater of Haleakala or explore the lush rain forests, with abundant tropical fruit and exotic flowers closer to the sea level. Rainforests, waterfalls, rock pools and ancient Hawaiian ruins. Some areas have extremely high rainfall, creating dramatic waterfalls and fast flowing streams. While they are beautiful and inviting, Not all are suitable for swimming. Valleys can cool off quickly in the afternoons as the sun goes behind the ridges. So when hiking valleys and streams, it is best to start out early. If it is raining further up the mountain, there is a real risk of a flash flood downstream. Try “Hike Maui” for a professionally lead hike.

Aloha, MauiFun 

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