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Gear Rental

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We have a range of gear to suit most persons and conditions available. Please state your weight and experience level, correctly when renting a board so that we can help you select the right gear.

SURFING & SUP Boards: Boards are available for rental to experienced persons only. If you are new to surfing please get some lessons first. For travelers; renting a board is much easier than traveling with a board, plus you can try different types of gear too. Just remember that renting a board is just like owning a board for a day, so we ask that you take care of it just like you own it.

surfclubmaui-vw-bus sCome and get it: Drop in to our Conveniently located Surf Center and pick up your gear. Surf locally across the street. If you want to take away your boards, we will help you tie them onto your car, and off you go, just remember to bring them back when you are done 🙂
Many Happy Returns: When you are renting you can bring back the gear and exchange for different boards as often as you like. Try a kayak one day, then surfing the next. You can mix and match the gear and you just pay the difference. This way you can optimize you gear for the conditions too.
new-icon-logo sAll the gear, but no idea? You have rented gear or own gear but now want a lesson to learn how to use it better? Then you can BYO own gear and use in in a lesson, and save money, We offer discounts to people using their own gear or renting.
We deliver the fun: We can deliver gear to your condo or home. but you must have somewhere safe to store them overnight. Do not leave them on the roof of your vehicle (it grows legs). We can supply you with a lock or lock cable to use as well.
SUP BUDDY: Don’t struggle with your SUP, you need a “SUP Buddy” to help you tote your load. We have SUP Buddy trolleys available to take the load off. Ask about our SUP Trolleys.

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GEAR SELECTION: This is a very important part of board sports is having the right board. Ask if you are not sure which board is best. we can help guide your decision. We are not responsible if you end up on the wrong gear. It is ultimately your choice what to ride an where to ride.
GUIDE TO BOARD SIZE: Generally a larger board is more stable. But harder to turn. Smaller board turns faster but are less stable. Very small persons should have smaller boards, and big people should have big boards. Also more experienced persons will be able to use smaller boards than beginners, but they do not always choose to do so. Bigger boards are usually better for smaller waves, and smaller boards are better for bigger waves. If in doubt about which board size is right for you and the conditions, please ask your surf instructor.

RESPONSIBILITY: Surfing equipment is available for rent. It is the renters responsibility to correctly state their ability, and only use equipment that they are trained to use. Risks are inherent in all water sports, but they increase greatly with incorrect use of equipment of misuse of equipment. If you are in any doubt of your abilities take a lesson first and get some help from an experienced and qualified instructor.

vw-surf-beetle-pink-surfclubmaui sON CARS: Do not tie down any surfboards or SUP boards with rope, it damages the board. Instead use a proper flat webbing tie-down strap. make sure you tie down boards securely. Make sure that you know how to use the tie-down strap’s buckles, if in doubt ask. Our staff can help you load you boards and show you how to strap them down safely.
sup-cutoutCARRYING GEAR: Take care when carrying SUP boards And always use good lifting skills (use your legs to lift not your back), better yet to have your buddy help you carry your board. Take care crossing streets in traffic, and be especially careful when loading and unloading them from your car.

SUP GEAR: SUP boards are bigger than surfboards for stability. Take care when carrying SUP boards And always use good lifting skills (use your legs to lift not your back), better yet to have your buddy help you carry your board. Most SUP boards have a carry handle to help you carry them. Be careful in the wind as they can catch the wind and blow around.

suzie-in-kayak-surfclubmaui mKAYAKS: We rent Kayaks; our rental fleet has single and double “sit-on-top” kayaks, we also have adult and kids sizes. All our kayaks are ocean kayaks. Sit on top kayaks are the safest and easiest type to use in the ocean. because they are “unsinkable” design with an enclosed hull and a self bailing cockpit. Our kayaks with seats with back rests. Kayaking is usually best in the mornings, but give us a call for the daily kayaking conditions, experienced kayakers can try some of the more remote and challenging locations the island has to offer. We do not recommend kayaks be used for surfing. Kayaks can cross small waves when necessary but are not designed for use in the surf zone. kayaks are great for a leisurely cruise or a energetic workout. kayaks are the most stable water craft we offer, and is great for relaxing on the water. Some experience is best or get a lesson or orientation before using a kayak.
BODY BOARDS: We have Body Boards (Boogie Boards) to rent in different sizes, Just ask. Boogie boards come with a wrist leash. and they do not need surf wax. Body boards are welcome at most of the swimming beaches especially on the south and west side beaches. Experienced boogie boarders may want to take on some larger waves at some of the more challenging locations.
BEACH CHAIRS: We have Beach Chairs available to rent, Just ask. Pick up your beach gear at the beginning of your vacation, or we can deliver it to you along with your surf rentals. We have beach mats, and coolers too.
AVOID DINGS: Dings and “Pukas” are holes or cracks in the boards. These must be avoided by careful handling of the gear. Do not put boards on hard or rough surfaces. do not drag the boards, do not stand on the boards on the beach. Be careful when it is windy because boards flip over an blow away. Please use the gear with care, and use it as it was meant to be used. Dings will also happen when two boards collide. So be aware of the traffic around you, and stay away from beginners too. Also be careful of the fins they can break or even snap off completely if they hit something.

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