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Avoiding Sunburn

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Most people underestimate the strength of the Maui Sun. the sun is strong and must be respected. On Maui you do not have to go looking for the Sun, the sun will find you. Even the drive from the airport to your hotel in a convertible is enough to overexpose you and give you a sunburn. If you must, rent a convertible for one day, the rest of the time you will want the top up to protect you from the sun. AC is nice to have too. Cover up your skin, with sun shirts, rashguards, and sun screen. Invest in some good quality sunscreen (not animal tested), and go for a high SPF number, like 50. You will still get a suntan with high SPF sunscreen. if you get sunburn you cannot get un-sunburned, Even as little as 30 minutes sun exposure can cause you to burn. First day get maybe 5 minutes of sun max. If you do burn you might want to put an “aloe” gel on it to help with the pain. Cold showers and loose fitting clothes help too. Eventually your skin will peel, and the skin underneath will be even more vulnerable to the sun. Sunburn on a sunburn can be very serious. Small kids and babies should be covered up at all times.Some sunscreens are specially formulated for babies. When swimming sunscreen can get in your eyes. Also you can buy eco-friendly sunscreen that is “reef safe” and wont hurt our sea life.

Aloha, MauiFun 

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