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Fine Dining

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Fine Dining
 Maui has some excellent restaurants, featuring local and Polynesian styles and international cuisine. The local ingredients particularly the fresh fish make a few good restaurant meals on Maui absolutely essential. Hawaiian style cuisine is a blend of Polynesian with strong Asian influences. The modern Hawaiian cuisine has broadened to embrace an even wider variety of cultural influences and tastes. On the north shore you should try Mama’s fish house in Kuau (near Hookipa), especially for its unique oceanfront location. For starters there is Ahi poke (seasoned raw tuna with shoyu), Sashimi Ahi (raw tuna with a little wasabi), or Cerviche (raw fish “cooked” in lime and coconut juice). Try the seared Ahi (tuna) or Mahi-Mahi (dolphin fish). Or for the whole fish connoisseur, try the grilled Opakapaka.
Roy’s restaurants in Kahana and Kihei, Haile Maile General Store, Spagos Restaurant at the Four Seasons hotel in Wailea. Capiche restaurant  at the Diamond Resort in Wailea.  


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